3rd site-rip (wallpapers only - PNG) 04.12

Category: Pictures - Graphics
Uploaded by: DimkaUA
Website Link: N/A
Hash: 9345A8663CE5AE81296AA13B3E6D987864455DB0
Size: 45.9 GiB
Date: 4/30/2012, 8:40:00 AM UTC+0
Seeders: 3
Leechers: 1
Completed: 33
Last scraped: 1/11/2019, 6:14:52 AM UTC+0
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Description third site-rip (wallpapers only - PNG) 04.12 by DimkaUAKH
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1 4/30/2012, 11:06:00 AM UTC+0 hekatoncheers
2 4/30/2012, 5:47:00 PM UTC+0 maxx1985
seed plix
3 4/30/2012, 6:27:00 PM UTC+0 DimkaUA
seeded, 20 Mbit/sec
4 4/30/2012, 10:18:00 PM UTC+0 DimkaUA
I will be back at 9:00am (UTC+2), oyasumi nasai =)
5 5/3/2012, 6:00:00 AM UTC+0 SiegfriedCalibur
That's...absolutely fantastic!
Will seed, once download.
6 5/6/2012, 4:37:00 PM UTC+0 xlxkiraxlx
7 6/11/2013, 11:40:00 PM UTC+0 Tsunan is now closed T_T
Could you possibly upload a (recent) 4th site-rip ?
whatever the answer, thanks for ripping such a wonderful website :)
8 6/12/2013, 8:12:00 PM UTC+0 DimkaUA
if I have enough time, I will rip animepaper again )
9 6/12/2013, 8:36:00 PM UTC+0 Tsunan
If that could happen, I would help you seeding (but HD wallpapers only :P)
10 6/13/2013, 4:18:00 AM UTC+0 You ignoramus! is closed?

but I wanted to download the Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai scans.. this sucks could somebody please upload them?
11 6/22/2013, 0:26:00 AM UTC+0 Ratebite
I'm devastated the site closed so suddenly, would you even be able to take anything from it if you can't log in? I downloaded this torrent a year ago, and I've been downloading the wallpapers posted since then, but I've reorganized everything. Unfortunately the torrent doesn't have alternate versions of wallpapers when that feature was implemented. I'll download this again just to seed it.

Is there any chance you know a way to rip With AP and a few other sites closing down suddenly, I'm really concerned about a lot of the artwork disappearing
12 6/22/2013, 6:37:00 AM UTC+0 DimkaUA
Sorry, but my account suspended and i can't view anything: "Your account has been suspended, you may continue viewing the site as a guest by signing out."
13 6/23/2013, 6:13:00 AM UTC+0 Ratebite
Which site are you suspended on? If it's AP then that must mean you had a paid account, right?
14 10/8/2013, 7:17:00 AM UTC+0 akiranyo
Appareantly not even some admins knew that the site will close. Most wallpapers/scans are saved though due the majority of wallers/scanners had account also on Minitokyo, though I know some legends (anbuu, Grayserg) who made walls only for AP. Anyways, unlike AP, MT has unlimited wall downloads so why to rip them? Go there and download as many as you want.
15 12/2/2013, 3:59:00 AM UTC+0 Ratebite
I know it is unlimited, but it is vastly less time consuming to download a site rip than to download images one by one
16 1/20/2014, 5:56:00 PM UTC+0 nokou
Awesome, Thanks for the great torrent, I have a paid account with these guys but they're down now... and probably for good :(
17 2/5/2014, 8:11:00 AM UTC+0 akiranyo
Animepaper was completly dropped by the founder himself, so it will never come back. At least I didn't need to bother with updating the wallpapers which I reworked last year.

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