[Fuwanovel] Little Busters! -English-

Category: Software - Games
Uploaded by: Kendjin
Website Link: http://fuwanovel.org
Hash: 01D609969764B2ACEE4050B472D7E6C6629D68BA
Size: 3.5 GiB
Date: 10/7/2012, 5:04:00 AM UTC+0
Seeders: 11
Leechers: 1
Completed: 193
Last scraped: 2/16/2019, 8:52:59 PM UTC+0
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If you play translated visual novels in English --------- Visit Fuwanovel.org


Note: no installation required.

Forums: http://forums.fuwanovel.org
Little Busters! page: http://fuwanovel.org/novels/21

Project lead: applehq
Translation: Silent, dango, ClaymoreSmiley
Script Editing: Phlebas, Richard_23
Proofreading: Rive, PieFormation, All of the Goats
Image Editing: EchoMateria
Release Engineering: applehq
Rldev Hacking: Richard_23 aka. the Great Guru
Scripts and Scripting: Yorhel, applehq, Richard_23
Director of Bad Puns and Slaughtered Jokes: Phlebas
External Hosting: Yorhel, applehq
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1 10/7/2012, 8:57:00 AM UTC+0 Insemination
C-Can I suck on your bewbs, Aaeru-dear?
2 10/7/2012, 10:15:00 AM UTC+0 zakaruto
i saw you since the beginning and i can tell you that your site have a bright future.
3 10/15/2012, 1:29:00 AM UTC+0 arakune
REALLIVE.exe infected by uknown virus win32/DH{QQAJNQ}
False positive?
4 10/16/2012, 9:52:00 PM UTC+0 s3bEg
I am also getting a virus warning can someone please varify this torrent is safe?
5 10/20/2012, 1:46:00 AM UTC+0 Fuwanovel
sorry that reallive is false positive. it's the nodvd crack file and it pisses off the anti-virus programs
6 10/21/2012, 6:57:00 AM UTC+0 SevereSerenity

Will be seeding for quite sometime. :)
7 12/12/2012, 11:40:00 AM UTC+0 ahkakeru
Thanks! And need help for seeding! ^o^
8 12/17/2012, 6:38:00 AM UTC+0 Neku
reallive is definitely a false positive
9 5/13/2013, 3:37:00 AM UTC+0 Animeoniichan
Is This One A Good VN File?
Because Other Ones That I Have Downloaded Have Failed.
10 11/28/2013, 7:41:00 AM UTC+0 jackusanewyork
11 5/8/2014, 11:36:00 AM UTC+0 AGENT
Do I still need to apply the patch from Doki?

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